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About Your Credit Union Accounts: Terms of Use

  1. Acceptance
    Welcome to and Use of this website and the associated online banking service is subject to the terms and conditions listed below. Your use of the website and our online banking service signifies your acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  2. Description of Service is a website which allows the general public to look up general information regarding the services and products offered by Heritage Credit Union. In addition, members of Heritage Credit Union can use the online banking service to perform secure transactions on their accounts.
  3. Access
    In order to use this web site or online banking account access you must have the ability and equipment to connect to the internet. You are responsible for any fees associated with such connection or access (such as those charged by an Internet Service Provider or other online service).
  4. Password and Security
    The online banking account access program is a secure service which requires a valid account and password. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your account number and password. Do not write them down where others may see them. You are responsible for all activity under your account and password. You agree to notify the credit union immediately upon learning your account and/or password are compromised. Heritage Credit Union will not be responsible for losses arising from your failure to comply with this section.
  5. Conduct

You agree not to use this website to:

  • Transmit any obscene content.
  • Transmit viruses or other software that may corrupt or harm other computers.
  • Impersonate other members or falsify your identity in any way.
  • Disrupt or interfere with this service, networks, or computers.
  • Attempt to gain unauthorized access to member accounts or computers.
  • collect or store data on other users.
  • violate any laws, local, state, federal, or international.
  1. General Provisions
    This website is made available to you as a convenience and is not meant to replace any existing forms of delivery. You agree that Heritage Credit Union is not responsible for any inability to access the website or use of online banking account access service. The credit union will make reasonable attempts to make available this content on line but will not guarantee availability.
  2. Disclaimer
    Heritage Credit Union provides this website and online banking access "As Is" with no warranty expressed or implied. You understand that Heritage Credit Union, it's directors, employee's, and affiliates, are not responsible for any damages. Heritage Credit Union reserves the right to change these conditions at any time and without notice.

Disclosures, Terms and Security

Membership and Account Agreement Disclosures

For Special purpose share, Money market, Reg D and related disclosures please call or visit to receive our current Account Disclosures. Information on savings products may also be found here:

Savings and other special-purpose accounts
Money-market accounts

Stop Payment Orders

Our stop payment service carries a $25.00 charge for each stop payment processed. Heritage Credit Union cannot stop payment on a check that has already been cleared. An unsigned stop payment is treated as a "verbal" and will expire in six (6) months. For additional information, please call or visit to receive our current Account Disclosures.

Online Banking Safety

Password Safety

Heritage Credit Union does everything it can to safeguard your password. But whether you're using an ATM,24-hour phone teller or online banking, you play an essential role in keeping your information safe by keeping your password safe.

Here are a few tips for you:

  • Do not use easy-to-guess information such as your name, names of children or pets, dates of birth, telephone numbers, addresses, and so on.
  • Where possible, use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters such as !#$%&()+,/=?[\]^_`{|}*'; in your password. Those types of passwords are much harder to guess. A good rule is not to use any word found in a dictionary. Also, don't use repeated or easily guessed numeric values (e.g., 1111 or 1234).
  • Do not write your password down.
  • Do not include your password in any file, including a word-processing document, web page or an electronic mail message. (If anyone else reveals a password to you, delete the information promptly.)
  • Avoid using the same password on different systems. If an unauthorized user gets your password, it increases the likelihood that they could gain access to every system on which you're using that password.
  • Do change your password regularly.
  • Do log out when you're finished; do not leave your computer unattended after you log in to Web Branch.
  • Do visit our Resources page for additional important information on online security, fraud avoidance and more.

Protect Your Account with an Online Banking Username

Heritage Credit Union is committed to protecting your information when you use our online banking. Our Username logon feature allows us to provide enhanced online security.

Creating a Username is easy and takes just a couple of minutes. Your Username must:

  • Begin with an alpha character
  • Include at least one alpha character and one numeric character
  • Have eight to 20 alphanumeric characters
  • Be unique-no two accounts can have the same Username

Your Username cannot include the following:

  • Special characters, such as ! @ $ ^ * &
  • Personal data, such as your social security number
  • Commonly used words such as "password"
  • Consecutive or repetitive strings such as "1234" or "aaaa"


  • If you forget your Username, you can always click on the "New User/Forgot Password?" link on the Heritage homepage or the online banking logon page to restore access.
  • If you have questions about your Username, please call 888-432-8496, option 0; or, email us at

Online Banking Alerts Terms of Service

If you opt to use the alert service ("Alerts"), alerts will be sent to the email addresses you specify, regardless if you have opted out of receiving promotional email. Alerts are sent to the designated email address(es) you specify upon enrolling in the service or in special cases the email address entered upon opting in for electronic statements and notices. You may receive Alerts via a personal computer through most email software packages and Web-based email services, though not every package or service has been tested. Alerts may be sent to mobile phones that accept messaging providing you enter a valid delivery address that may be specific to your mobile carrier. Your mobile provider may charge you for receiving messages to your phone.

The email addresses you specify may be changed at any time. If you change email services or mobile providers, or if your email address changes for any reason it is your responsibility to change your alert delivery preferences by modifying your Alerts settings from within Heritage online banking.

Multiple alerts may be added and all or some of your alerts may be modified or cancelled by modifying your Alerts settings from within Heritage online banking.

You acknowledge that Alerts sent may contain sensitive or personal information. Internet email is neither encrypted nor necessarily private. Heritage Credit Union cannot guarantee the security of any information transmitted to an Internet email address or mobile carrier number.

Although the Heritage Credit Union alerts service is designed to give you timely notice of specific events, it cannot provide immediate notice. You may encounter errors, interruptions, delays or failures in the receipt of your alerts which may or may not be out of the control of Heritage Credit Union, such as technical difficulties suffered by an Internet service provider or wireless communications carrier. Further, some cell phones or certain other devices may omit a portion of the alert. Heritage Credit Union makes no warranties to you about the timeliness of the alerts service or the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of any alerts we provide you. Heritage Credit Union is not responsible for alerts that are undelivered, lost, or misdirected due to reasons that include: incorrect, invalid email address(es), or messaging accounts that are over-quota, suspended, cancelled, or non-existent; delivery failures due to service interruption, including the sender's or the receiver's Internet service provider or messaging carrier being unavailable or the Alert service being offline; factors outside of the reasonable control of Heritage Credit Union.

You agree that Heritage alerts are neither your sole nor primary source of account information. Heritage Alerts are provided as a free, optional service for your convenience on an as-is basis without any warranties of any kind. Heritage will not be held liable for fees charged to your account, non-sufficient funds situations, returned items, or other damages allegedly due to an alert, the contents of specific alerts, or lack thereof.

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