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Skip-A-Pay FAQs

How much will it cost to skip my loan payment?

It depends on where you opened your loan. Skipping a loan opened in Wisconsin is free. If you opened your Heritage loan in Illinois, there is a $39 fee. 

Does my type of loan qualify for Skip-A-Pay?

Eligible loans for Skip-A-Pay include: New Auto, Used Auto, Motorcycle, Personal, Shared Secured, Snowmobile/ATV, Boat, and Travel/Trailer Camper.

Ineligible loans include: Business Loans, Real Estate and HELOCs, Balloon Loans, Loans with current payment extensions, Lines of Credit and Credit Cards. 

How do I apply for Skip-A-Pay?

There are two ways to apply for Skip-A-Pay:

  • The most simple way to get started is to E-Sign and apply for Skip A Payment online.
  • Or, print out our Skip A Payment form, complete the fields and submit by mail or in person. 

If you're ready to get started, select the state where you opened your loan: