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Meet Lindsey —

She’s the type of member who uses Heritage for all of her banking needs. Last year, she saved hundreds on savings and lending products.

How can I can as much as Lindsey?

Compared to the average bank, we can save you money through lower rates on auto and personal loans and higher savings rates. Plus, we have fewer fees.

The more services you switch to Heritage the more you can save. The Credit Union National Association estimates that you can save hundreds just by using our products and services. Here are a few ways our members save — and you can, too:

  • On average, our members saved $87 when they financed a $20,000 used car loan for 48 months.
  • Members with credit card balances of around $10,000 saved about $470 in annual interest expense.
  • Members who used us for a mortgage saved over $1,000 on closing costs compared to the average bank.

Start saving with a free checking account today >

*Based on 2015 data from the Credit Union National Association.

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