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A credit card balance transfer allows you to move your balance from a high rate credit card to a lower rate credit card. The end result? A lower monthly payment.

According to, the average credit card interest rate is almost 16%.*  If you’re stuck with high monthly payments on your credit card and an interest rate that you can’t keep up with, a credit card balance transfer may help you save money.

You can complete a credit card balance transfer in three steps:

1) Find a Lower Rate.

Find a credit card that offers a lower interest rate than your current card. Complete the application for the lower rate credit card that you wish to transfer your balance to. Heritage offers the Visa® Platinum Low Rate card.

2) Transfer Your Credit Card Balance.

If you’re approved for the lower rate credit card, it’s time to transfer your balance. At Heritage, we’ll work with you to find the easiest way to transfer your balance to our low rate card.

3) Continue to Make Payments.

Keep making payments on your old higher rate card until your new card issuer confirms your balance transfer is complete. If you transfer your balance to a Heritage card, we’ll let you know when the process is complete and you can begin to make payments on your new lower rate card, saving money each month.

If you’re ready to transfer your credit card balance, Heritage can help you get started. Our approval process takes less than a day. Apply today for a low rate credit card or contact one of our loan officers with any questions.

*Interest rate reported as of October 29, 2015, from

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