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I Need Money: Credit Card or Personal Loan?

When you come up short on cash, you have two options to fill the gap: credit cards and personal loans. The best choice depends on a few factors, including how much money you need and how quickly you’re likely to pay it back. Understanding the difference between the two and asking yourself a couple of questions can help you make … Continue reading

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How You Can Save Money with a Credit Card Balance Transfer

A credit card balance transfer allows you to move your balance from a high rate credit card to a lower rate credit card. The end result? A lower monthly payment. According to, the average credit card interest rate is almost 16%.*  If you’re stuck with high monthly payments on your credit card and an interest rate that you can’t … Continue reading

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Financial Tips for Recent Grads Entering the Workforce

College is in your rear view mirror, and you’re about to enter the working world. Although snagging a job certainly calls for a celebration or two, it is also time to start tackling the various financial responsibilities that await you, like saving for retirement and improving your credit score. Here’s an overview of where to get started, including several best … Continue reading

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How Much 20-Somethings Should Save

Your 20s may seem like an odd time to think of retirement, but it’s actually the perfect moment to start planning for your later years. That’s because the earlier you start saving, the more time your money has to grow. Start saving early. Savers who begin setting aside 10% of their earnings at 25, for example, could amass significantly more … Continue reading

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