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It’s 2016! Some say it’s the breakout year of virtual reality. Others can’t wait for the next iPhone… Here, we’d like to share a few exciting technological car trends happening this year.

Increased automation & self-driving cars –

The topic of self-driving cars gets the most press and, like it or not, the technology may
forever change the auto industry within the next decade. The Google self-driving car was a
first of its kind, driving on the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area. Now, renowned automaker Tesla might be the first to commercialize the idea of self-driving automobiles. You can get a glimpse into the future this year with automated parking systems from almost every major auto manufacturer including Ford, Toyota and Lexus.

Electric Car Charging Station

Electric vehicles –

Despite the recent drop in oil prices, many experts predict electric vehicle sales will rapidly increase over the next 5-10 years. You may have noticed charging stations pop up in the parking lots of your local grocery or department stores. Expect to see more of these spots fill up as companies like Tesla and Nissan release cheaper, longer lasting electric vehicles.

Augmented reality owner’s manual –

Virtual owner’s manuals already exist but with a new addition finding out what’s wrong with your car just got a lot easier. Hyundai is releasing augmented reality owner’s manuals which can be uploaded to your smartphone or tablet via app and simply by aiming the camera at a part of the car. The app will highlight features and offer tutorials for how to use certain functions.

Gesture Control –Driverless Car

Okay fine, it’s only available in one car currently but the BMW 7-Series has stereo, Bluetooth and cooling/heating systems that are gesture operated. By using hand motions, the driver is able to turn these systems on and off as well as adjust settings. The driver can also change songs and turn up the volume of music played from their stereo. Believe it or not, most cars will have gesture technology within the next 10 years.

LED Headlight technology –

Although LED headlights are not a new technology they just recently became legal in the U.S. and are becoming a standard feature in new cars. LED bulbs essentially never die and adjust brightness according to how dark the roads are. You’ll never have to worry about driving with one or both headlights out. If you do a lot of driving at night or live in a rural area now is the perfect time to pick up a car with LED headlights.


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