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Heritage Credit Union’s Richard J. McGrath Endowment Fund

Tell me about the endowment fund that Heritage Credit Union offers.

The Richard J. McGrath Endowment Fund was created in 2007 as a way to honor our longtime voluntary board member, Dick McGrath. The purpose of this fund is to provide small grants for local social organizations in the communities served by Heritage Credit Union branches.

Since the fund was established ten years ago, Heritage has donated nearly $70,000.

Who have we recently awarded funds to?

Deserving community groups receive monetary rewards. These organizations include but are not limited to food pantries, senior citizen organizations and communities, school and family improvement groups.

How does the process work?

Any community organization can apply for the endowment fund. Complete the application below to get started.

2017 Endowment Fund Schedule:

July 1 – August 31

Applications are accepted.

August 31 – October 15

All applications are reviewed, discussed and voted on during endowment fund committee meetings. This committee is made up of the Heritage Credit Union Trustee and three voluntary committee members (non-Heritage employees).

October 15

Once all applications have been considered, awards are granted to the most deserving applicants. This review process is completed by October 15.

October 15 – November 30

The Heritage Trustee will notify each branch in which recipients reside and branch staff will reach out to arrange an award/recognition event. All awards are distributed no later than November 30.

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