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Heritage Visa® cards are now more secure — equipped with an EMV chip, one of the most effective tools being used to prevent the spread of card fraud. 

What's an EMV chip?

EMV (Europay, MasterCard®, Visa®) is micro-chip technology that provides increased security capabilities. Originating in Europe, EMV technology has been instrumental in preventing the spread of fraud, and will be the chosen method of payment in the United States within the next few years.

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How does the chip work?

EMV chip cards are equipped with a small metallic square on the front of the card that holds card information. When used in a chip-enabled card reader, the chip generates a unique transaction code that protects your data.

Why are we switching to EMV cards?

A one-time code is generated with in-store purchases. If the data is ever stolen, it becomes useless to criminals, making it nearly impossible to develop a counterfeit card. EMV cards also make it easier for you to travel internationally, as much of the world has already converted to the technology.

How do I use my EMV card?

Many merchants are already prepared to process your EMV card, but your new EMV card will also include the magnetic strip found on your current card. This means that you will be able to use the EMV card at retailers who support EMV processing, and the magnetic strip at all other locations.

To use the chip:

1) Insert your card into the card reader with the chip facing up. Make sure to leave your card in the slot and follow the prompts on the machine until the transaction is complete.

2) Sign for your purchase or use your PIN to authenticate you as the cardholder.

3) Don't forget to remove your card after the transaction is complete. Some terminals may not remind you.

Here's an infographic that illustrates the EMV transaction process >

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