Online Services

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Online Services

Web Branch (Online account access)

Heritage provides secure access to your personal accounts with our home banking service. Register for online access to your accounts, simply click the Web Branch login button below and go to "Sign Up" to complete the online form or contact our us at 888-432-8496.  Heritage will email you registration confirmation along with a temporary password to login to the Web Branch.  (Registered home banking members click the icon below to take you to the home page login)

Our Web Branch offers a host of online services to provide you with convenience and security.

Online Security

The first time logging into home banking you will be asked a series of security questions. If you have a shared account, with a spouse or another person, you both must know the answers of all security questions. Click here to learn about how Heritage is protecting your information and how you can too!

Web Branch

Our home banking service gives you complete access to your Heritage accounts.  

  • View all of your savings, checking and loan accounts on one screen.
  • Search your history for items that have cleared or deposits you are expecting. All histories are printable!
  • Transfer money between accounts immediately.  When you click the button you can be assured the funds are deposited.
  • All balance information is real-time.  That means your online balance matches the balance at the credit union.  No transaction delays!


Sign up for E-statements and have your monthly statements sent to you by email notification.  No more waiting for the printed statement. It is more secure than paper statements in your mailbox and we’ll keep your statements for a 12 month period. It also helps save the environment!

Check Images

Just click on any personal check number in your history and you will be able to view the front and back of any checks paid from your account - at no charge.

Bill Pay

  • Bill payment let's you pay your bills online with a Heritage checking account - and it's FREE!
  • It is a fast and easy way to pay bills.  Whether it is a one-time payment or one that you make every month. 
  • Once you set up your payee, use Bill Pay to set up the payment schedule!  You pick the amount, date, and the frequency.
  • No more stamps! 
  • To view a demo of bill payment click here.  


Want to know when a deposit was made or a large withdrawal was taken from your account?  Send yourself and alert by email.  You have many options to set up notices to yourself.

Alerts are a FREE resource offered to help you take control of your finances.

  • Transaction Alerts

    Get an alert for a particular check that clears, deposits, or withdrawal.  You set the amount and the type of transactions you want to monitor.

  • Overdraft Alerts

    Receive a message when your overdraft protection is activated.

  • Balance Alerts

    Be notified when your account reaches a high or low-balance threshold that you determine.  It can save you from expensive overdrafts!

  • Loan Alerts
    If you have a loan or mortgage at Heritage, you have many loan alerts options like loan due dates, payment notifications, line of credit balances, and past due alerts.
  • Online Security Alerts
    Be sure your online account is secure by sending yourself an alert every time your account is accessed on the web branch, online transactions are performed, or when account changes are requested online.

Worried about someone reading your messages by accident?  Don’t!  When you set up the alerts you can choose the level of detail provided in each message.


If you use quicken to manage your finances please click here for more information.

Overdraft Protection

Heritage Credit Union has several ways you can avoid fees that can be charged if you don't have enough money in your checking.  Looking out for the best interest of our members is key so we don't want to encourage overdrafts as a habit - just want to save you money where we can!  This is how it works, if you write a check, use your debit card or preauthorize a payment from your account and you don't have enough to cover it, HCU will pay it.